Why I Built My Mansion In Okokomaiko Instead Of Lekki – Akpororo


While majority of his colleagues have their houses in Lekki, Magodo and other highbrow areas of Lagos, Comedian Akpororo built his own in Okokomaiko, a middle-class residential area in Ojo LGA of Lagos State.

The humour merchant, who announced the completion of his lovely mansion in the area in October of 2017, said his decision to live in Okokomaiko in spite of his stardom and financial status, was a divine plan.

“If God asks me to move, I will surely move. For now, this is where I love and I believe being in the area gives hope to people”, Akpororo explained.

Speaking further on what influenced his choice of the area, Akpororo, who is married with a daughter, said Okokomaiko gives him a sense of security and belonging with a people he can freely relate with because he was once like them.

“I have my privacy because I have my own house now. I tell people that if you like what you see in Lekki, Magodo or Victoria Island, you can recreate it wherever you stay. That is what I did. Okokomaiko is not a place you should be afraid of living. Even in Lekki that we think is a place for the rich alone, there are some parts of the area that are not nice. I was born on the streets, so I cannot be harassed. I walk freely without fear. I also go to the field to play football with friends in the evening. The reason bad things happen to people is that their minds are full of evil. My belief is that anything you think of would come to pass in your life. In anything I do in life, I always look at the positive side”, the comedian said.


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