QUESTION OF THE DAY!!! Where Will You Rather Deposit Your Money, An Atiku’s Bank Or A Buhari’s Bank?




Hello Guys,

In a recent APC presidential Rally, Kogi state Governor, Yahya Bello threw a question to the crowd and I felt it’s a good question for my lovely Naijaloadites.

As we all Believed Buhari is a trustworthy personality when it comes to fund management, and Wealth dealings. Due to the way he has actually pose himself to the General public during his 2015 presidential Manifestos.

And if you are atleast a 90’s born, you will bear with me that we know quite a lot of things about the PDPaspirant, Atiku and we can sure scale him when it comes to Money matters.

Without long epistle we can sure make our different decision, if the two aspirant were pose to be a Bank.

You know where you can deposit your money for safekeeping, and interest accumulation therein and you also get your money back easily with ease.

So Guys 👇

If Buhari And Atiku Were To Be A Bank, Which Will You Rather Keep Your Money?


hey guys let us know your opinion

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