Boyfriend Tattoos His Girlfriends Name And Showers Her With Gift In Appreciation For The Good Sex They Had The Previous Night


Twitter user Miss Olivia took to the platform to share the content of a gift card she got from a guy she had spent the previous night with.

In all he was being appreciate of her coochie….

The tweet has since gone viral with over 46K retweets and 146k Likes.

she also updated the post with her boyfriends new tattoo

See the gift below…

Guys will you do this for your girlfriend because of Good Punani????

see some reactions;

Pattie Thula Gossip mill honestly I think.u need to take a long leave of absence, or u stop posting nonsense stories, ok so wat happens wen the thing turn sour, loses its sweetness, or gets tired of eating only sweet stuff man cant leave by eating sweetness he needs a bit of pepper, salt add maggi to balance it otherwise sugar diabetes ooo so pliz dont write another yeye story

Nze Ikechukwu Ezike Hahahahaha, kai God’Ooo, nothing I no go hear for this Facebook. #VaginaTooSweet
Well everybody with their own. For me… I keep storing money in my account and investment, bcoz the joy of having money is over sweet.

Joanne Amala Chandran Hahahahahaha… coca cola…KFC….Okro soup…. 🍕…. McDonald….ice cream abi????? Na soon his weed go finish and another murderer in progress!!!!!!!!!chaiiiiiiii😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Steven Emeka Chai did she allow him post this? Now all this slay queens will start strolling in and out of his dm saying their own toto is sweeter…. but anyways let her enjoy while it lasts cos someone somewhere has a sweeter one

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