Adesua Etomi Talks About Having Twins With Banky W And More

Banky W’s wife, Adesua Etomi says it wasn’t easy playing a pregnant woman in the Wedding Party 2 because she knew a lot of women would watch and they could come after her if she didn’t do it well.

Kemi Filani Blog had this interesting chat with her at the private screening of the movie in Lekki, Lagos,

In the wedding party 2, you gave birth to twins, do you also want to have twins in your real marriage with Banky?

In the movie, Dunni was pregnant and also later had twins. Asking if i want to expect twins in real life is a very personal question. Next question please…

When you saw the script for The Wedding Party 2, didn’t you feel it was almost same story line with the Part 1?

No, not at all. The script for The Wedding Party 2 was really a beautiful one. I was really so excited about it. The script brought back the relationships in the cleverest way ever. New relationships were established, old relationships were given a new different direction to go with. It was an exciting one. I didn’t see it as a repetition of concepts. It was totally different setting, background and stuffs.

What are those moral lessons that The Wedding Party 2 is teaching couples?

The movie is not a Class where we try to teach or preach. However, the subjects we touched are very universal; interracial relationships, backgrounds, family, but I think more than we touch all these things, we also bring resolutions and solutions to some of them. We weren’t preaching or teaching, but rather showing the world how it should be. Marriage between different races, etc. Relationship can be bad and amended.

We focused more on the solutions than problems.

While you were filming Th Wedding Party 2, you were also planning your own wedding, how did you joggle that?

When I was filming the movie, I made sure I concentrated on giving it my best at that time. And that was it.

You were also looking so tired in the movie, is there another reason to this, or just you acting Pregnant Dunni?

You know when you take on character, you take on everything that has to do with it. When you are heavily pregnant, you are always tired, right? Yes! That’s how good I delivered my role.

There was a time you raised your voice while talking to your husband in the movie, is that the real you?

Every actor that plays a role, plays a character. So, I was playing Dunni not Adesua.

So what’s your labour room experience like?

That was really interesting, because I haven’t had a child before but I was opportuned to be around people that are pregnant and I did a bit of research too.

I had a load on my shoulder trying to portray that role effectively.

Those who have had babies before would know if I wasn’t getting it right, so I had to pull on the experience I have been around people that have been pregnant.

It’s Christmas, what’s your wish?

I want to continue to remain happy and hope that the share of the happiness of the season is spread to every one out there.

I also hope that people, most importantly remember the reason for the season.

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